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Seamless Upgrade 5G Wireless and Access Network Infrastructure.
25G and 40 Km Reach with 40% TCO Reduction

The P3A280 25G NRZ EDC SoC is a groundbreaking solution designed to reset the deployment cost and effort of upgrading existing fiber infrastructure. The single-chip mixed-signal SoC integrates an Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC) engine and nonlinear DSP to compensate for chromatic dispersion up to 40 Km. Accelerate optical module development with the RangeXtenderTM 25G DWDM SFP Module reference platform. This platform includes production-ready board design and proven firmware ready for deployment. With optical modules built with the P3A280, wireless carriers and service providers can upgrade their infrastructure to 25G without the added cost and complexity of amplifiers and compensation hardware components, leading to a dramatic reduction in TCO.

  • Resetting the upgrade TCO – Single P3A280-based SFP module replaces expensive amplifiers and compensation hardware while dramatically reducing deployment and maintenance  complexity
  • Long reach and low power – P3A280-based transceiver module support 40Km reach at < 2.5W
  • Advance technology, small package – Innovative EDC engine with smart CDR/Re-timer and non-linear DSP mitigates chromatic dispersion for long distances
  • Intelligent diagnostics – Deliver best-in-class reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) with intelligent diagnostic features that monitor crucial parameters such as BER, eye-opening, temperature, and loss-of-signal (LOS), allowing for proactive maintenance and optimized network performance 

Start your 25G transceiver module design today and unlock the full potential of your fiber infrastructure with enhanced performance, reliable connectivity, and effortless deployment. Contact us now to discover how this groundbreaking solution can transform your infrastructure.

Accelerate 25G Fiber Infrastructure Upgrade.
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