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Advanced Dispersion Compensation Technique, Simple Infrastructure Upgrades

Single-Chip Optical Transceiver Module, 25G Performance, and 40 Km Reach with 40% TCO Reduction

As 5G wireless infrastructure upgrades to 25G and beyond, compensating for chromatic dispersion in fiber cabling requires bulky Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) and Dispersion Compensating Fibers (DCFs), making deployment expensive and complicated. Point2’s Electronics Dispersion Compensation (EDC) engine implements a smart CDR/Retimer with an advanced non-linear DSP to precisely sample binary data after it has traversed through long fiber cables. In addition, sophisticated signal-processing blocks are added to monitor the performance of each circuit block and adjust to environmental changes in real-time. Together, these mixed-signal blocks act as powerful processing hardware to compensate for dispersion in fiber cabling, enabling 25G transmission at up to 40 Km reach. The EDC engine is the backbone of the P3A280 EDC Cloud Connect Engine that enables a transceiver module to support up to 40 Km at less than 2.5W. The transceiver module replaces EDFAs and DCF hardware required to close the optical link today, dramatically reducing the TCO while minimizing deployment complexity.

To learn more about products with Point2 EDC Engine, see 25G NRZ Cloud Connect Engine.