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E-Tube™: Multi-Terabit RF Transmission Over Plastic Dielectric Waveguide


80% Lighter and 40% Less in Volume Than Copper Cabling. 50% Lower in Power and Cost than Optical Cabling

Shattering the binary “copper or optics” narrative for high-speed cable interconnect, Point2’s E-Tube technology overcomes the limitations of conventional copper cabling technology while eliminating the power and cost of optical solutions for multi-Terabit interconnectivity. E-Tube transmits data wirelessly using millimeter wave RF Transmitter/Receiver SOCs through a dielectric waveguide, the E-TubeTM Core, made of common plastic material. Using wireless transmission and plastic dielectric waveguide, E-Tube is not impacted by the “skin effect” that severely limits copper cabling as data speeds accelerate to multi-Terabit levels. By implementing modern modulation techniques for wireless transmission, the same E-Tube Core can be deployed for 800G/1.6T/3.2T cable speeds and beyond, making E-Tube a scalable technology ideal for the multi-Terabit era. E-Tube is a purely electrical technology, which means it is not subjected to the power-hungry and expensive optical assemblies required in optical cabling solutions. The result is an E-Tube active electrical cable that is 80% lighter in weight, 40% less in volume than comparable copper-based Active Electrical Cables (AECs); 50% less in power consumption and in cost than equivalent Active Optical Cables (AOCs). Partner with Point2 and learn more about how E-Tube will change the trajectory of Terabit connectivity in the data center.