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Ultra-Low Power Smart CDR/Re-Timer

Deliver Thinner and Lighter AECs with 40% Lower in Power Consumption and Cable Volume

At the heart of Point2’s mixed-signal SoCs are purpose-built SerDes with smart Clock and Data Recovery (CDR)/Retimer designed specifically for the AEC use case. The smart CDR/Retimer is enhanced by a BER-aware architecture – a series of sophisticated signal processing building blocks that correlate the total chip BER to the power consumption of each circuit block. These mixed-signal components are monitored during chip operation with automatic background calibration in real-time in response to environmental changes. The results are Point2 Cloud Connect Engines that are ultra-low power with BER performance that is one order of magnitude better than other solutions. AECs built with Point2 Cloud Connect Engine are thinner and more flexible, with 40% less power consumption and 40% less cable volume. Point2’s smart CDR/Retimer technology mitigates fundamental issues for Hyperscale data centers as Active Electric Cables (AECs) become part of a critical infrastructure required to deliver high-performance AI/ML experience to end users.

To learn more about products with Point2 ultra-low power smart CDRs/Retimers, see 56G PAM4 Cloud Connect Engine and 112G PAM4 Cloud Connect Engine.