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Leading the Way to Multi-Terabit Interconnect

At Point2, we are at the forefront of driving next-generation hyperscale data centers with our high-performance, ultra-low power, ultra low-latency and cost-efficient mixed-signal interconnect SoC solutions. As a leading innovator in the multi-Terabit era, we are powering the future of AI/ML and high performance computing (HPC) requirements in tomorrow’s hyperscale, cloud data center, and 5G infrastructure.

Our commitment to innovation and expertise has positioned us as industry leaders, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive the transformation of data centers. By pushing the boundaries of technology, we pave the way for enhanced data speeds, increased capacity, and maximum energy-efficiency. This enables hyperscalers and wireless carriers to deliver the AI/ML experience at peak performance with improved reliability and operational efficiency.

Partner with us to lead the charge in next-generation high-performance and energy-efficient data center operations.