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Prestigious Award Recognizes Cutting-Edge Innovation of P3A280 Electronic Dispersion Compensation SoC, Simplifying 25G Fiber Infrastructure Upgrades While Reducing TCO by 40%

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Feb. 23, 2024Point2 Technology, a leading provider of ultra-low-power, low-latency mixed-signal SoC solutions for multi-terabit interconnect, today announced that its P3A280 electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) SoC is a high-scoring honoree in the prestigious Lightwave Innovation Reviews in the Communications Semiconductors and Electrical ICs category. The P3A280 EDC SoC enables a single-chip 25G optical transceiver module to support up to 40 Km reach. This extended reach allows 5G wireless carriers and multiple system operators (MSOs) to upgrade their fiberoptic backhaul infrastructure and access networks, respectively, to 25G speeds while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) by 40%.

“On behalf of the Lightwave Innovation Reviews, I would like to commend Point2 Technology on their high-scoring honoree achievement,” said Stephen Hardy, Associate Publisher and Editorial Director at Lightwave. “This competitive program allows Lightwave to celebrate and recognize the most innovative products impacting the optical communications community this year.”

The Lightwave Innovation Review Award recognizes the top products and services with technical features and performance that provide clear and substantial benefits within the optical network industry. Honorees for each category are selected by a stellar panel of experts from a wide variety of service providers, technology developers, industry analysis firms, and media. Through its unwavering dedication to research, development, and innovation, Point2 has demonstrated exceptional prowess in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in optical networking technology.

“We are honored to receive the Lightwave Innovation Honoree Award,” said Sean Park, Point2’s Founder and CEO. “This recognition underscores our engineering team’s tireless dedication to innovation and excellence. It motivates us to continue pushing the envelope of what’s possible in multi-terabit interconnect and driving transformative change in the optical networking industry.”

Point2 impressed the panel of judges with its P3A280 EDC SoC — a game-changing, single-chip semiconductor solution that compensates for signal loss caused by chromatic dispersion incurred through 40 km of fiber cabling. Optical transceivers incorporating the P3A280 SoC consume less than 2.5W and can replace expensive and bulky optical amplifiers and dispersion compensation hardware, making infrastructure upgrades easier and more cost-effective.

Point2 Technology extends its gratitude to the organizers of the Lightwave Innovation Review and to the esteemed panel of experts who have supported and contributed to the company’s journey of innovation and excellence.

About Point2 Technology

Point2 Technology, headquartered in San Jose, Calif., designs and manufactures ultra-low power, low-latency, point-to-point interconnect and range enhancement SoC solutions purpose-built to meet the bandwidth requirements of hyperscale AI/ML datacenters and 5G infrastructure. Founded by an accomplished team from Marvell, Finisar and Samsung, Point2 is a leading innovator that is reimagining data center and 5G cloud infrastructure interconnect in the multi-terabit era.

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